Treat It Like A Business

What does it mean when you are told to treat your business like a business? First of all, if you had any other type business, would you expect to succeed with it if you only dedicated a couple hours a week to building that business? The reality, if you are starting up any kind of business, whether it is a network marketing business or another type, you need to be there each and every day checking on progress and moving forward. If you are not, that business will surely fail. Absentee business owners are rarely successful unless they already have a strong management team in place. That doesn’t come until much later in a network marketing business.

Any normal business takes more than just an investment in time, however. The fortunate thing about network marketing is that it doesn’t necessarily require a huge commitment of resources to make it work. There is both good and bad sides to that, however. The advantage is that people with minimal financial means can start a networking business. The disadvantage is that without a significant monetary investment in the business, many people fail to treat it as a business.

Another critical aspect of any business is how you present yourself to those you are dealing with, your customers and especially your down line. You might think that in an online business, this doesn’t matter, but it does. Does the way you interact with your group or prospective customers appear professional to them? Do you know your business well? Do you make sure your customers are getting what they need from you? Do your customers know that you are there to support them? Are you aware that your success is directly related to their success.

In knowing your business well, you don’t necessarily have to have all the answers, but at least you know where to get answers if you need them. Be a student of your business, learning as you go, and teach others to also be students of the business. Learn something new everyday. Most network marketing businesses are continually evolving, trying new ideas, so they are always dynamic. Get involved in the dynamics of your business, and pass that on to others.

When you talk to your down line, are you distracted by other things going on around you? Can you really focus on what they are saying? In order to serve people well, you have to hear their concerns, and answer those concerns with confidence. Too many times we fail to connect with our people out of distraction from what is going on in our world. Are you focused on your challenges, or theirs? Network marketing is not a me centered business.

Sometimes how we dress will be reflected in how we converse with others. If you need to dress professionally in order to relate professionally, then it behooves you to do so even if no one but the four walls of your room see your attire. People can see it in your voice or in your words.

You have to genuinely care for people, but you can’t buy into their excuses. Their excuses are precisely what keeps them broke! You look beyond the challenge of the moment, giving them confidence that they can do it even though difficulties are encountered. You show by what you do that it can be done. You set an example for them to follow. You build trust and a relationship over time, and the stronger those bonds are, the stronger your business will be.

Another way to sabotage you business is to pass your personal problems and prejudices down line. Also avoid passing on bad news like the plague! This is extremely unprofessional and can kill your business overnight. You problems are not going to help them build their business unless your story is exceptionally motivational. You will have challenges and so will they. That is the nature of life. Go on and focus on what makes a difference.

There is another pitfall to be aware of as well. Be a listening post, but don’t take on responsibility for solving your down line’s problems for them. Realize that they will solve them one way or another by themselves. You are there to encourage them, to mentor them, to show by example that the business can be done. If you allow yourself to get sidetracked, your business will suffer.

Learn to smile when you talk, and also when you write emails. It shows. People sense a person who is smiling at the world in spite of all the problems. It draws them to you. A frown or worried look drives them away. Learn to be attractive to others in all your communications.

You can be friendly, but don’t be overly nosy, and don’t waste people’s time with idle chatter. Their time is valuable and so is yours. Have respect for them as well as for yourself. Stay focused, and stay on the business. If you do, you will be amply rewarded.

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